VET LEARNER PROGRAM ERASMUS+ SUBSIDISED WORK EXPERIENCE WEEKS FOR STUDENTS one team to organise all your mobilities Travel, Accommodation, Meals & Activities are you wanting to take your students on a fully funded work experience trip? Quality work placements & additional courses abroad

What we offer

Relevant and high quality placements through our large network of workplaces

Travel arrangements (flights and internal transport)

A great social and cultural program for your students if required

professional help with your Erasmus+ application agreements and work documentation

Accommodation & meals in Host family, Apartments, Hostels, or Hotel

Language courses in combination with the placement if required

How we can Help

We are happy to work with your available funded ERASMUS+ budget and customise to your schools educational needs


One team to organise all of your mobility projects. We are able to offer a complete solution for your ERASMUS+ program so you can deal with one agency for all your mobility needs. Including working with multiple destinations for your group as well!

Free professional support with your ERASMUS + application to optimise funding results. We have an extremely high success rate with our applicants.

Work experience abroad can be the defining factor in setting apart your students from the rest of the pack

How does it work?

Erasmus+ is a European grant scheme, which encourages young people to gain work experience internationally.  We have helped schools and non-profits apply for and receive millions of Euros worth of Erasmus+ funding and provided meaningful experiences for students overseas.Through TravelEdventures great international contacts with schools and youth organisations worldwide, we help organise work experience weeks for students to gain invaluable experience in their chosen vocation. We also assist with the application process for the funding and help with the dissemination of the results.

What do my students need?

Student work experience mobility can be in any subject area/academic discipline, however, to ensure high quality ERASMUS+ programs with a great outcome for the students and companies involved, the placement choice has to relate to the students’ specific program of learning at school and their personal development needs. This will also ensure great success for the grant application.

These workshops are ideal for your student group if…

  • your students are between 14 and 25 years old
  • your students are interested in gaining international work experience

What are expected funding amounts and costs?

If granted, the Erasmus+ funding is usually enough to cover basic travel costs, work experience, accommodation and some activities. The funding depends on your home country, your destination and length of stay.

2 week internships:

You can expect funding up to Euro 1500 per student. Costs start from Euro 790 for accommodation, flight and internship placement. This means you will have up to 600 Euro per student for food and additional support.


4 week internships:

You can expect funding up to Euro 1900 per student. Costs start from Euro 990 for accommodation, flight and internship placement. This means you will have up to 900 Euro per student for food and additional support.


8 week internships:

You can expect funding up to Euro 2500 per student. Costs start from Euro 1790 for accommodation, flight and internship placement. This means you will have up to 800 Euro per student for food and additional support.


What does the grant cover?

If granted, the Erasmus+ funding will cover travel costs, work experience, accommodation and basic activities. This amount depends on what country your students are going to as part of the program as well as what country your students are from.  Above the nominated grant awarded, depending on the selected activity and excursions program, in some circumstances a financial contribution might have to be made by the students. This will however be a lot less than having to pay for the program independently. All costs for students with special needs will be covered.

How long do the internships last?

Programs and funding usually last between 2 und 8 weeks but can be extended up to 6 months.

What kind of placements do we organise?

We are able to organise placements specific to your students area of study. We don´t just provide office jobs or jobs in hotels/shops like a lot of internship providers (although we are happy to do this of course!). We go beyond and also arrange placements which are much harder to get, such as work experience in healthcare, science and technology, engineering, construction and other trades for those students working towards a career in these areas. 


When do we pay and is there any risk involved?

The payments and organisation of flights, accommodation, course and activity program are only completed after you receive the grant. If you do not receive the grant then no costs will be attributed to you or your students. This means there is no risk involved for your students.

Which destinations offer ERASMUS+ internships?

We are a leading provider of Erasmus+ internships in Europe and provide placementsin almost all European countries. Our most loved programs include several destinations in England, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy and Germany. Next to the most popular destinationswe offer internship possibilities in much more unique / off the beaten track destinations such as Galway, Valencia, Florence, Athens, Riga, Vienna, Berlin, Nice, Malta and many more. This means we will create unique experiences for your students including language training, work placements, activities and interaction with locals to create a meaningful and possibly life-changing experience for your students