Application guide and conditions

  •  Please attach a current resume, a recent photo and a cover letter explaining what your interests are and we can set to matching you with opportunities that we have available.
  • If you have more than one interest or set of skills, make sure that you include all of these on your application to increase your chances of finding something interesting.
  • Please let us know at the time of application whether you will be requiring our accommodation service ( it usually works out pretty cheaply through us) or a language course and social program. Our experience is that these services really can add to an internship experience and make your time away that bit more immersive.
  • On application, you will need to supply a current CV & Motivation Letter as well as a current photo and 390 USD deposit.
  • Before starting your internship we need proof of your health insurance, personal/public liability insurance and your accident insurance.
  • It is expected that you have at least an advanced level of English (proficient user) OR intermediate level knowledge of the destination language however some internships require advanced knowledge. You will be placed depending on your level. If you don’t have at least an intermediate level of language skills then a language course can be arranged for you once you arrive in your destination country before you start your internship.
  • It is important that you check your visa requirements for the country in which you wish to do an internship. Please note that visa invitations will entail an additional fee, costs are depending on your nationality.
  • Please also note that you will be responsible to apply for your own Visa in your home country
  • Placements are often unpaid, although your placement employer may choose to offer a stipend. This is often important for visa reasons as paid placements will often mean you will need a working visa however unpaid placements with a stipend only require an educational visa.
  • Although generally, you will have to find your own accommodation some placements on occasion do include this. This will depend entirely on the company that you are placed with and the policies with interns as well as your preferences.
  • Our placement costs vary depending on your length of stay and the location/ field you chose. As a guide, the costs start from 390 USD for a regular unpaid placement for candidates with valid work permits for the destination country.
  • Paid placements start from USD 1000 for a paid placements for candidates with valid work permits for the destination country.
  • Additional fees for arranging work permits start from USD 500.


Once you have submitted your form along with your 350 euro deposit then the following will take place:

1. ASSESSMENT. We and our associate partners will assess your enquiry, CV and Cover letter

2. FURTHER INFORMATION  We will send you further information and any costs on placements we see matching your criteria currently. On the very rare occasion that we cannot find anything, then we will ask you if you are prepared to wait for a placement and we can let you know when we find something.

3. INTERVIEW  You may also be contacted via email in order to organise a phone/Skype interview with your host company. During this interview, exact details about the company and the type of training offered will be provided.

4. DECISION TIME If you and the host company are a good fit and feel that you are satisfied with the internship on offer then an agreement will be signed with us and our partners to secure the internship placement. If you or the host company feel that you are not a good fit* for the internship after the interview then TravelEdventures will continue to try to find a suitable company to place you in. We will attempt 3 more for you and after this time you will lose your deposit.

*Please note that we cannot arrange multiple interviews at the same time so that you can choose. If you are not satisfied with one company for a valid reason then Traveledventures will continue to work on placing you into a suitable company.

5. CONFIRMATION The internship is confirmed and the agreement is signed. At this point, additional charges for paid position and/or arranging of work permits will be charged.

6. TRAVEL ORGANISATION  We are then happy to arrange accommodation, language training/social program & flights with you.

7. CERTIFICATE   After you complete your Internship successfully, you will be presented with a certificate of attendance as well as a reference by the host company which details the training received and skills learnt while on internship

Application form