Internships abroad

Do you want to gain valuable work experience in your chosen field, immerse yourself in another culture and improve your foreign language skills?

Outstanding International Internships

We offer outstanding international internships that focus on giving people the opportunity to live and gain work experience overseas.  These internships are a fantastic way of enhancing your CV, optimising your career opportunities, and broadening your horizons!  They also give you an efficient way to improve your foreign language skills by immersing yourself in cultural experiences.  The optional language courses and social programmes will keep you busy and you’ll get to meet fellow travellers as well as locals.  We offer an abundance of opportunities in lots of different fields and we’ll place you according to your job skills as well as your foreign language level, if needed.

Let us do the hard work for you using our extensive experience and network of internship providers to help you find the perfect match!
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“I learnt to work in a group with different people and to express my ideas in a language that wasn’t my tongue language. I worked with customers and I increased my technical skills working with laptop and scheduling activities.” 


Are you a school co-ordinator?  Do you want to organise the best possible work experience trip for your school with funding through ERASMUS+?  You’re in the right place!
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What we offer

As well as outstanding work experience, the packages we offer to students can include a number of additional experiences and services:

Relevant and high-quality placement through our own extensive network of workplaces.

Accommodation and meals with the choice of a host family, apartment, hostel, or hotel.

Language courses in combination with the work placement, if required.

Optional interesting and entertaining social and cultural programmes.

Travel arrangements (such as flights, airport transfers etc.,).

Professional help with any ERASMUS+ agreements and work documentation.



Choose from a number of fantastic options!


This programme is aimed at international students who wish to improve their foreign language skills as well as be an au pair for a family abroad.  Placements normally last between 6 months to a year (or longer).

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This programme is aimed at young professionals who seek to use and improve their skills within a foreign language speaking environment.  Placements usually last between four weeks up to sixteen weeks.  These placements are suitable for undergraduates and graduates seeking work experience in marketing, travel & tourism, communication, education, NOG’s, social sciences, healthcare, radio & media, hospitality catering, finance and accounting, public relations, advertising, law, international trade, human resources, information technology, communications, media, fashion, architecture, engineering, arts and culture, administration, and retail.

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This programme is aimed at international students who would like to improve their foreign language skills and gain practical work skills without much prior necessary experience. The placements are between two and four weeks within the fields of administration, hospitality, or retail.

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See Europe Differently with TravelEdventures!

We make the process as easy as possible for you, so you don’t spend hours and hours contacting companies with no response.  We have an extensive network of internship contacts that we use to match you with the right fit!



Ready for us to start matching you with suitable internships?  Then simply fill in our application form and we will get to work matching you with our terrific available opportunities.


We have opportunities available across the UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA, Canada, and Australia.



  • Internships programmes operate all year round.
  • Start dates are usually on a Monday.
  • Duration of placement depends on chosen field and interest. Duration can range between 2 weeks to one year+.


Finders’ Fee: we require an initial finders’ fee of 150 Euros to enable us to start looking for internships for you.  This represents your commitment to our role. The fee will be returned to you if we are unable to find you a placement in your given industry area, however if you personally reject three or more placements, despite them being in your industry area of interest then we cannot return the fee of 150 Euros despite not being placed.

Placement Fee: note that most of our partners also require an internship placement fee once an internship has been found. This starts at 490 Euros for the entire placement.

Our placement Process

Once you have submitted your form along with your 150 Euro finders’ fee then the following will take place:

1. ASSESSMENT.  Our team and our associate partners will assess your enquiry, your CV and your cover letter.

2. FURTHER INFORMATION. We will send you further information and costs relating to placements that we believe matches your current criteria. On the exceedingly rare occasion that we cannot find anything suitable, we will ask you if you are prepared to wait for a placement and let you know when we find something.

3. INTERVIEW. You may also be contacted via email to organise a phone/Skype interview with your host company. During the interview, we will provide exact details about the company and the type of training on offer.

4. DECISION TIME. If you and the host company are a good fit and you feel that you are satisfied with the internship on offer, then an agreement will be signed with us and our partners to secure the internship placement. If you or the host company feel that you are not a good fit* for the internship following the interview, then TravelEdventures will continue to try to find a suitable company to place you with. We will attempt this three more times but after that, if you don’t feel that anything is suitable, you will lose your finders’ fee.

*Please note that we cannot arrange multiple interviews at the same time so that you can make a choice from a selection of options. If you are not satisfied with one company for a valid reason, then TravelEdventures will continue to work on placing you with a suitable company.

5. CONFIRMATION. Once the internship is confirmed and the agreement signed, the placement fee is due.

6. TRAVEL ORGANISATION. The next step is to arrange your accommodation, language training, social programme, and flights with you.

7. CERTIFICATE. Following your successful completion of the internship, you will be presented with a certificate of attendance as well as a reference by the host company which details the training received and skills learnt.

Worried about money?

Don’t! There are often lots of ways to fund your trips through grants offered to students.

An internship abroad is a great way of broadening horizons and improving job opportunities.  They’re also a great way of increasing your starting salaries for future jobs. Mostly, your internship will mean an increased overall salary later on, a great life experience and international contacts in the long-term.

There are hundreds of scholarships to help fund your education abroad. Apart from the widely known scholarships, it´s always a great idea to search for scholarships from local organisations. It pays off to do some research before you go abroad because it could end up saving you a lot of money!

Want to Stay Abroad? Five Brilliant Steps to Help you Search for Financial Support:

Step 1: Read our information below about the most common scholarships.

Step 2: Read about scholarships and grants in our blogs or forums in your local area or university. 

Step 3: Ask the international department of your university or school to inform you about possible scholarships.

Step 4: Ask your local chamber of commerce to inform you about grants and scholarships for educational purposes.

Step 5: Ask local clubs, politicians, and family members for a subsidy.


Scholarships for EU Citizens’ Internships

If you are an EU citizen that has studied to university level, you can apply for a Leonardo Scholarship through your university.  Depending on your desired destination, you could receive an allowance of up to 600 Euros per month (and up to 3,600 Euros total) to help fund your internship. The scholarship can only be applied for once, and you can get it for up to six months duration.

This scholarship is ideal for any type of internship especially if it’s related to your university degree.  To apply for a Leonardo Scholarship, you have to apply through your university.  Contact your university for further information. 

As well as your scholarship if you use our services then we can also provide:

  • Language courses while you are away.
  • A fantastic social programme with activities and events for students.
  • High quality work placements from 2 weeks to 24 weeks in companies matching your career prospects.
  • Interview, consultation, and matching service tailored to your specific career objectives.
  • Placements in most professions and sectors.
  • A certificate of attendance and reference upon course and internship completion.
  • Provision of accommodation in either a home stay, hostel, hotel, BNB or in a residence with other students.


EU Citizens: Scholarships for Language Courses

There are also scholarships for ERASMUS+ students planning to undertake a language course before the start of the term:

Receive up to 80% of your course costs during your academic stay abroad from your national student assistance authority.

You will receive a student allowance if the language course precedes your academic stay abroad. The amount of the student allowance is 80% of the cost of the language course, a maximum of 363.36 Euros and will be paid following completion of the course.


“I would like to inform you that it was a big success training our students in Berlin, because all companies were satisfied with the performance of our students and have expressed willingness to receive new students from our school in future.“